Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three In A Row

A few years ago I was teaching creative movement at a preschool in Berkeley, Ca. I taught three back to back half hour classes for three preschool classes. Today, I began that program at another preschool. I have not taught three in a row in several years. I was sweating! I had no water with me! Otherwise, I came prepared - drum, leaves, scarves, music, radio, and a plan. The first class is really about getting to know my new students and establishing a routine and expectations for the class. Only one student refused to participate, pretty good numbers for a first class. Some children are observers, they need to sit back and take it all in before they are ready to take that first step and try. For many children, this class may be one of their first experiences in the performing arts; I hope to make that experience pleasant and fun so that they are more willing to try other modalities of the arts later on. I hope that one of my next classes will have the element that invites her in, but until then, if she wants to just sit and watch, I am okay with that.

(as long as she or any other sitters are not being disruptive!)

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