Classes and Workshops

Story Story Dance! 
(preschool-first grade)
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by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator.
This is a literacy-based creative movement program that combines elements of dance, drama, and yoga with children’s literature. Each week students read a story that inspires expressive movement and encourages meaningful engagement with language. A physical warm-up prepares students for movement while props like scarves, feathers, leaves, and fabric help students to expand and explore creative movement possibilities. Class concludes with a dance party where students perform, share, and shine.

Photo by Mary G.
Persian Stretch and Movement 
(age 9 and up, girls only)
Students are lead through stretching exercises followed by dance exploration, inspired by the poses and movements that appear 
in classical and folk Persian dance.

Photo by Mary G.
Persian Dance 
(multi-generational, women and girls)
This class combines meditation, Persian dance, and contemplative dance/movement to explore presence. The class is grounded in breath, intention, and attention through dance, movement, and stillness.

Photo by Mary G.

(school aged and up)
This image is called Tulip Tutu by the artist Sofi.
Students explore the lines, shapes, curves, colors, moods, and tones of visual art to inform dance and creative movement. Classic art, found art, and self-portrait  are some of the art forms used to inspire improvisational movement and dance performances.

Expressive Movement and Dance 
(age 9 and up)
Students explore how emotions and intentions live in the body through structured improvisational dance.Through improvisation, students discover their natural movement and movement impulses, then transform their movement into dance performances.  

Alfonse Mucha's "Poetry"
Poetry Dance  
(school aged and up)  
 Students explore the connections 
 between movement, dance, and poetry.

 Students read, write, and 
 explore various poetic 
 styles to inform 

Alfonse Mucha's "Dance"
 improvisational dance pallets, 
 dance phrases, and 
 dance performance. 

 This class works best with 
 students who can 
 write independently.

Social Change 
Drama & Improvisation
(school aged and up)
Students are introduced to techniques used and inspired by Augusto Boal, such as Theatre of the Oppressed and Image Theatre, to explore social issues through dramatic improvisation. Through this workshop, students can address specific social issues that affect their lives such as bullying.

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