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Multicultural Dance Concert - April 13, 2012
Ellsworth Theater 
Pine Manor College
Brookline, Ma

photographer - Zarmik Moqtaderi

Battle of Light and Darkness
Sofreh - I love Sabbi in this image, look at her smile!






Gilaki Dance - March 16, 2012
Performing with IDA for Narooz, Persian New Year celebrations.
Newton, Ma

Yalda Dance - December 18, 2011
Performing with Sheila Eghbali, Iranian Dance Artists, as part of the Yalda celebration held at Watertown Middle School.
Watertown, Ma.

Through movement and costume, this dance embodies the light overcoming the darkness that is the celebration of Yalda.Here are some images from onstage and backstage.

Sheila and I in our cloaks.

Me posing in my Yalda costume sans the cloak of darkness.
Sheila attaching the beautiful headpiece to one of the dancers.

Samarra twirling.

Having fun posing!

Dances from the Silk Road - November 5, 2011
Performing with Mavi Dance at the Mariposa Museum of World Culture
Peterborough, NH

Me posing with two amazing Georgian dancers.
Me with one of the amazing Georgian dancers in Mavi Dance.

Sheila Eghbali performing Persian dance.

Sheila Eghbali
Mavi Dance
Mavi Dance
Mavi Dance

Mavi Dance

Gilaki Dance - October 14, 2011
Persian dance performance at the Iranian Association of Boston
Watertown, Ma

Gilaki Dance - October 7, 2011
Persian dance performance at MIT
Cambridge, Ma

At the end of the evening, the Iranian Student Association gave us flowers for performing.

I love this picture of Samarra - she IS the joy of dancing!

Images of Movement and Light in Lowell - June 2011
photography by Mary G. 
Lowell, Ma

Movement and Stillness in Black and White -June 2011
photography by Mary G. 
Lowell, Ma 

Thanks to Planet Dance for sharing their studio!

Julie with Homage to Women Statue - Lowell, Ma
photographed by Mary G. 

My dance, Homage, was inspired by the art piece "Homage to Women"
by Mico Kaufman located in downtown Lowell, Mass. The description on the
statue reads:

"A tribute to Lowell's 19th C 'mill girls,' the intertwined figures also represents 
struggles and aspirations of all women throughout time."

It was this phrase and my visits to the many museums that share
the story of these women, that provided the fodder for the
shape and movements of the dance.

In the video below, the dancers are wearing layers of blacks, browns, and denim. Some dancers are barefoot, some are in footwear of some kind; I am in sneakers (healing a gash in my foot). The future of this dance is to go from street to stage. I'd like to include images of mill girls as part of the lighting/set design and costume the dancers - differently, but not sure yet what that will be. Once I start gathering the images, then it will all start to come together.  Here it is at its beginning

Homage - Sept 2009
Lowell Open Studios, Market Mills
Lowell, Ma

Dancers: Julie Penta (choreographer), Kate Tsui, Dominique Mastrototoro, Cailin Turcotte-Good, and Courtney Wagner